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Bell&Ross BR 01-93 24H GMT: Noice


Finally, a B&R I can stand behind. I love B&R. I love GMTs. This is like two great tastes that taste great together.

This new model is a bog standard GMT with a stationary central bezel – which means you can’t change the 24-hour markings – and a movement that will move the hour hand back and forth to show the local time as well as the time at home.

No price but expect it to hit at about $7,000. Finally: A B&R with a little pizazz. After all their gold-encrusted models they’re kind of figuring out that their watches are popular with dudes.



  1. $7.ooo. Dont make me laugh. I will give you $115.00 for this so called br 01-93. and you are still making a profit.If by chance you are not. then you are a dinosour.


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